Professional Private, Designated Driver Services in Langdon, AB

The Team at DrivePro Canada Inc. and DEZZ Dezignated Driverz are dedicated to keeping our customers, their vehicles and the public safe on Alberta roadways.​

With over 25 years in the transportation industry, ​we care about customer service above all, and want to provide a service of excellence and affordability.

Please note: DEZZ dezignated driverz services customers traveling from Calgary and Chestermere to Langdon & surrounding areas or Langdon & surrounding areas back to Calgary/Chestermere. We cannot provide Langdon & surrounding areas to Langdon service at this time. Credit card details must be provided at time of booking. Credit cards are now required to protect our driverz from losing income should they drive all the way to Langdon for a pick up and can no longer reach their customer, or the customer cancels upon arrival. There would be a $75 no show/cancellation fee applied to the credit card provided. Also note that driverz will not depart Calgary for a pick up in Langdon & surrounding areas without first speaking with the customer to confirm eta and pick up details.



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