Making A Difference In Our Community With DEZZ dezignated driverz

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DEZZ dezignated driverz is a company that offers professional designated driver services in Calgary and surrounding areas. With over twenty-five years in the transportation industry, ​we care about customer service above all and want to provide a service of excellence. We are dedicated to keeping our customers, their vehicles, and the public safe on Alberta roadways.​

In the past couple of months, we have been pushing ourselves to exceed our own expectations. We set high standards for ourselves and ensure we surpass them. We can say with pride that we got approximately five hundred customers home safely in the last couple of months. Routinely, we offer clients prompt pick up with stops along the way. We provided “Tyler” with a certificate for a trip to Las Vegas. He was thrilled. Our clients are extremely happy with our services, and we consistently receive five-star ratings.

They are very personable, and I appreciate them every time I have been driven home by them. Jeff and Elizabeth are amazing. Couldn’t recommend a better service!

- Karley Twerdun

DEZZ is very professional and trustworthy, with prompt pick-up and friendly conversation on our way home. I would recommend DEZZ to anyone who needs a DD.

- Lisa Bryant

I’ve known Jeffrey and Elizabeth for a long time. This is a business that they are very passionate about. It is the Christmas season, and the parties are at a high volume. In this season to be merry, a lot of driving by drivers under the influence still goes on. Would you rather risk a DUI and a whole lot more trouble or make the smart choice. Not only Christmas but any night out where the decision is not to drive. Make the right decision. Choose DEZZ Dezignated Driverz-Calgary!

- Charlie Douglas DeGruchy

There are instances where we’ve come to pick up clients to find they have a flat tire or a dead battery. We have gone out of our way to get the client’s tire changed and have boosted their battery to get their vehicles on the road. Now that restrictions are lifted, we’re seeing a gradual increase in our clientele. We plan on expanding our service to Edmonton in the near future. WE ARE HIRING!!

Aside from being able to help people on the road, we also feel strongly about topics such as poverty, homelessness, the opioid epidemic, and animal abuse. We ensure that we do everything we can to contribute to these causes and bring about a change in our community. We donate to local food banks and provide direct financial support to help an individual get viable employment.

If you are looking for professional designated driver services in Calgary and surrounding areas, reach out to us at DEZZ dezignated driverz. We save lives and provide our esteemed clientele with an alternative mode of transportation late in the night, all the way to early morning, especially when things get a little wild, and you have downed a few too many. We ensure your car is safely home, ticketless, and you ensure you avoid a DUI, or worse, an accident that could cause harm to you or others.

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