Five Pointers To Keep In Mind When Looking For A Designated Driver Service

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We provide people with a safe and reliable option to get themselves and their vehicle home safe after an evening out, where driving themselves is not an option for everyone’s safety. We provide a driving team they can trust, to get them from pick up to drop off safely.

We created a list of skills that the drivers you are working with should have if you plan on working with them. While most drivers would likely be able to make the cut, some stand out from the rest, and you would want to work with those.

1. Professional Drivers
When you are in your car and someone else is driving, you want them to be very professional. There should be no road rage or language issues when getting you to your destination. There are times when people want to travel in silence, and your driver should be able to respect that, while there are times when the drive might be long and some decent conversation would also be appreciated.

2. Friendly, Caring, Honest and Trustworthy
You want a driver who you would be happy to see. You want someone who is honest and tells you things as is, including how far from the location, what time you would get there, and so on. If you have stops along the way, you want someone who can work with you to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

3. Good Knowledge of the City
When you are impaired, it’s good to know that your driver has a good knowledge of the city to get you to your destination in the most efficient route possible, however, should you as the customer know a better route to take, our drivers will accommodate your requests as long as it is safe to do so.

4. Competitively priced
When it comes to the cost for something like this, it does vary across the board. Some companies are priced on the higher side, but they provide great service, and others might be competitively priced, but do not offer the same level of service. You want to make sure that the team you are working with is charging you the best value for the work that they are putting in.

5. Dependable
You should have them around when you need them the most. There are some challenges when making sure they are available at the time you are looking for a ride. Pre-booking is a good option if you know roughly what time you’ll need to be picked up. Give as much notice as possible on weekends especially to give the dispatch team at DEZZ the chance to direct a driver team to you at or as close to your desired pick up time as possible.

If you need assistance finding the right company to assist you in getting you & your vehicle home safe, we provide professional, private, designated drivers services. Connect with DEZZ Dezignated Driverz anytime. We have been serving Calgary and surrounding areas for some time now and are more than happy to assist with your requirements. If you are looking for a better understanding of our service, please click here. If you want to get in touch with us, please click here